STEEL is Ultra Luxury for the Modern World

Our philosophy tells the story of STEEL American Luxury, as one pillar led to the next.

STEEL was conceived in 2019 and launched in December of 2022, following several years of intense development to bring a brand into the world that was truly exceptional.

Innovation drove us to combine technology and traditional luxury and fashion like never before. Finding solutions to industry problems pushed us to explore the next pillar of our philosophy.

Do it right or don't do it at all. Obsessed with the most meticulous possible result of every single detail and integrity fueled our passion for expressing design through exceptional craftsmanship and materials, resulting in unequivocal excellence.

We are confident that the appreciation for the above brings a community of like-minded people together, so we created a technological experience to connect them to philosophize and share ideas about Web3, art and design.

In analyzing the current market, the idea to make small-batch handmade fine art naturally led us to our commitment in sustainability, a win-win where we do not waste and our clients access more personalized and innovative heirloom pieces, using sustainably sourced materials.

STEEL American Luxury is so proud to be where we are today following years of developing the best craftsmanship, materials and innovation our modern world has to offer, with the talented team around the globe whom share in our philosophy.


STEEL is the only independent ICFA luxury brand member, voted into the organization in 2021.

Sustainability, transparency, traceability and animal welfare are at the center of our supply chain. 

STEEL works hard to align as closely as possible with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, particularly in the area of increasing biodiversity. 

We only source from Certified ICFA Members- the first farming association where the members are subject to independent 3rd party animal welfare certification. 

Our goal is to use zero waste leathers, where the population of the wild animals are healthy and stable with clear, science-based animal welfare initiatives to support this.